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Blue Stitch: The Beginning of Great Sweats

If you’ve read our About, you have a good idea of why we started Blue Stitch.

Our desire for comfortable but functional clothing spurred our need to create our ideal sweats. We talked about what we liked and didn’t like about our sweatpants. No matter how many brands we looked at, there was always something wrong. The most frustrating part is that it is usually something so small that you’d think the major brands would fix it. I own over 20 different pairs of sweatpants and at least 15 different sweatshirts. My mountain of sweats made me realize that neither Robin nor I had any brand loyalty. We liked our sweats and were willing to wear them, but we wanted something that we would love. Finally, we realized that we would have to do it ourselves if we wanted it done “right.” 

I’ll be honest with you, other than a few sewing lessons from my grandma and fixing a few personal clothing items, I had hardly any clothing creation experience. Robin, well, he had even less. So, our first goal was to learn how companies created our everyday clothing. I even bought a few patterns to ensure we were off to a good start. If you have ever looked at a “simple” clothing pattern, your brain goes one of two ways. Either you think, “Okay, this isn’t difficult.” Or you think, “Why are there so many parts?!” As much as I hated my grandmas’ sewing lessons, thanks to her, I understood exactly how the pattern worked and what I needed to do. There was only one thing Robin and I didn’t quite understand. How did the crotch of the pants go together? If you look at any pattern for pants, it seems as if you will be showing the world a side of you that you don’t want them to see. We watched a few videos and even a WikiHow, and it made a LOT more sense. The pant legs and crotch area fit together perfectly to ensure that everything is covered when they are rightside out. 

Now that we understood how things worked, it was time to focus on the fabric. We wanted something comfortable, durable, and something that just felt nice. The last one may not seem important to many people, but when I go into a store and see something I like, I touch it first. That simple touch either makes me think, “Oh, this is nice.” Or “Nah, I don’t like that.” Most things that feel good to the touch are cotton, polyester, or elastane (spandex). Which helped us narrow down what we were looking for and decide upon a blend. Let me tell you, there are so many blends that researching them can make you dizzy. So we started with what we liked when we felt it. Then, we added durability and found what we thought would be the perfect blend for us. Once we had the basic details down, we could sketch our ideas. The good news is that I am artistic and could make our thoughts a reality. We used other patterns as a vague guide to ensure we had thought of everything. 

A big part of ensuring we covered everything was ensuring that we were making comfortable clothing for all body types. I have always had hips that make some pants uncomfortable or unflattering. My husband and I both have thunder thighs, and our pants’ inner legs tend to wear out quickly. Robin has a slimmer build, so he doesn’t have that same issue, but he still struggled with unflattering sweats. We realized that other than just making sweats with tons of pockets, we aimed to make pants that could make all body types feel confident. We all like to feel good about what we are wearing, and your body type shouldn’t matter. So, we started measuring everything. Pockets, pant length, thigh width, well, you get it. If you can think of it, we measured it. We also went a step further and imagined what we could use each pocket for and measured those items. 

We are finishing up our Tech Pack and moving to cut sheets soon. Something important to us is making this appeal to customers. Let me know what you do and don’t like about your sweats in the comments. What do you look for when you buy them? We are a company for the people, and we can’t do this without your voice.

8 thoughts on “Blue Stitch: The Beginning of Great Sweats”

  1. You hit it on the head! Pockets, quick release, comfy softness! Looking good (versus frumpy) always a plus! Looking forward to it!!!

    Hurry please, I would like to be comfy!

  2. Please make sure you have LONG inseams. My normal inseam is 36″. I get giggle-happy if I can find 38″ (which means my ankles will still be covered when I sit down.)

    34″ is typically enough for tall people. My body isn’t proportionate.

  3. Yes I have sweatpants that are either too tight or make my legs look too big. Also pockets are needed and it’s so hard to find women pants with pockets. I can’t wait to try these. And short people need shorter pant leg length. I struggle to find pants that aren’t too long on me.

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